What is 711?

711 is a telephone relay number that connects standard (voice) telephone users with deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind and/or speech-disabled people who use text telephones (TTYs). Relay users can now simply dial 711 to connect with Relay Connecticut. This allows easier access, particularly for less exprienced relay users such as businesses or friends and family of TTY users.

711 is NOT an emergency number and should not be confused with 911.


HOWEVER, if you use a TTY and cannot obtain emergency services on 911, you may call 711 and tell the Communication Assistant you have an emergency situation. The operator will then voice your emergency to the Connecticut State Police.


All states now have 711. There is no fee for using 711 service.



If you have problems with 711 when calling through your switchboard (which usually is a PBX telephone system), you will need to contact your PBX administrator to have the system reconfigured in order to allow 711 out dial. Information on how to set up and/or reconfigure your PBX systems(s) can be obtained from your PBX administrator and/or vendor.


If you are not on a PBX telephone system, and you cannot access Relay Connecticut when dialing 711, call a customer service representative at your local telephone company. It is possible that your local telephone company may not have 711 out dial set up.


PBX telephone systems are usually available at hotels, businesses, agencies, offices, etc. with extension numbers. And most often, a way around this issue is to dial the full 11-digit toll free number.


If you have experienced with some difficulty in dialing 711, click here and let us know and we will attempt to help get the issue resolved.


For Hearing Callers:

You don't need any special devices for calling the relay service. When you plan to call a deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, or speech-disabled individual, all you do is to simply dial toll free numbers:

  • 711

  • 1-800-735-2905 (for intrastate calling) 

  • 1-800-877-8973 (for interstate calling)

You will hear a voice recording telling you to press "1" to make a relay call. Then you will give the relay operator the area code and telephone number you wish to call and any further instructions. The relay operator will process your call, relaying exactly what the TTY user is typing. The relay operator will relay what you say back to the TTY user.


For Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, DeafBlind or
Speech-Disabled Callers:

The most common device used to make a relay call is a TTY (text telephone device) that can be used together with a phone handset. However, the equipment you need may vary depending upon the type of relay service you use. For more information on how to obtain a device in your area for your specific needs, call Sprint Customer Service at 1-800-676-3777 (TTY/Voice).

In Connecticut, equipment is available to deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, or speech-disabled relay users at no cost. Click here for more information about the TTY Loan Program.