Relay Connecticut is a free service that provides full telephone accessibility to people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, and speech-disabled. This service allows text-telephone (TTY) users to communicate with standard telephone users through specially training relay operators.

Calls can be made to anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no restrictions on the number, length, or type of calls. All calls are strictly confidential and no records of any conversations are maintained.

Anyone who wishes to use Relay Connecticut simply dials the toll free number, or 711, to connect with a relay operator. The relay operator will dial the requested number and relay the conversation between the two callers.

Connecticut Relay is located in Bloomfield, CT and has one full-time account manager.


711 or 800-842-9710

TeleBraille for Deaf-Blind

711 or 800-842-9710


711 or 800-833-8134

Voice Carry-Over (VCO)

711 or 800-842-9488

Speech-to-Speech (STS)

711 or 877-842-5177

Hearing Carry-Over (HCO)

711 or 800-842-9710

Spanish to Spanish (español a español)

711 or  800-680-3746 

Spanish to English (español a inglés)

711 or 877-855-0921  

Customer Support

800-676-3777 (TTY)

800-676-4290 (Español)

888-269-7477 (CapTel)

866-670-9134 (CapTel - Español)

877-787-1989 (Speech-disabled only)

866-931-9027 (Voice Carry-Over only)