Are you...
  • having difficulty hearing on the phone?
  • misunderstanding conversations due to background noise?
Have you...
  • said “What? Can you repeat that, please?”
  • been depending on others to help you with phone calls?
If you answered YES, we may have the solution for you.



CapTel is short for Captioned Telephone. CapTel users make calls just as if they were dialing on a traditional phone. CapTel uses voice recognition technology to display captions of the conversation on the telephone screen, allowing users to hear and read everything the person on the other line says!

  • 24-hour-a-day service is offered at no cost to callers. Users are responsible for their long distance charges.​


  • Spanish hours are 8 am to 12 Midnight Eastern Time, every day.


  • Spanish Captioning is available for Spanish-to-Spanish calls.

  • Hearing callers wishing to reach a CapTel user: 
    Dial 877-243-2823 (866-217-3362 - Spanish-to-Spanish)

  • NOTE: 711 will work for any CapTel call.

Click here to read how CapTel works.




  • Calls are made in a natural manner.


  • Users dial the telephone number directly for the person they are calling.


  • Users enjoy natural telephone conversations, and can check the captions for added clarity.


  • The CapTel phone can be used as a regular phone by turning off the captions feature.


  • The CapTel phone includes an amplified handset and tone control.


  • Captions can be read nearly simultaneously while listening to the other party's spoken words.