What kind of information should I include?
To ensure that STS Relay Service has the right call information, you must provide either your customer profile information or the phone number you’ll be calling from. You may also include:

  • The number you want to call

  • The name of the person you are calling

  • Specific announcements you’d like the STS relay operator to make (e.g., “This is John calling to check on my puppy.”)

  • Details about the subject of the call, call handling preferences, or anything that you think might make the call easier

Can I use this feature to request a specific STS relay operator? 
No. We cannot accept requests for specific relay operators.

Can the STS relay operator make calls or leave messages for me without me calling in? 
Federal and state regulations require that we help in real time; therefore, we cannot make calls for you when you are not on the phone.

STS relay operators can leave messages on answering machines for you. If you want to leave a message, you must call the STS relay operator and be on the line when the call is completed.

Can I make a reservation for a STS call? 
No. All calls are on a first-come basis.

Is this information confidential? 
Yes. The information in your My Set Up Email will be used only to assist you in processing calls. This information is automatically deleted after 24 hours of being entered.

When a STS user includes several items in the email, can he/she prompt the STS relay operator to voice the items when applicable beyond the prepared greeting?
Yes. The STS user can include items such as account numbers or prescription numbers and prompt the STS relay operator to voice the information. The STS user listens to the information being given and the other person on the line responds directly to the STS user.

What is the difference between Household Profile and Customer Profile?

  • Household Profile (Phone Number)
    A Household Profile is strictly tied to a phone number. Information entered into a Household Profile can be accessed when the call is placed from the phone number associated with the Household Profile. The STS user must include in the email the Household Profile area code and phone number from where the call will be placed.

  • Customer Profile (User Name and Password)
    The Customer Profile is not linked to a phone number but is strictly tied to an established User Name and Password. A STS user who wants a unique personal profile must contact customer service at 1-877-787-1989 to establish a user name and password.

    The Customer Profile separates the STS user from the household so he/she can use the given information from any location, not being tied to a single phone number. This provides more mobility when using the profile information. When a STS caller wants to use the Customer Profile, he/she would give the personal user name and password that were created when establishing the Customer Profile. When not being able to provide the user name and password, the STS user needs to contact customer service for assistance.