711 or 800-842-9710

Deafblind users often use special TTY's equipped with TeleBraille. Specially trained relay operators are familiar with deaf-blind users and trained to provide effective solutions to their calling needs.

Text Pacing: 
This feature is specific to TeleBraille users. During these relay calls, the relay operator will type at a regular pace. The message comes across on the user's TeleBraille at a rate of 15 words per minute. This allows the user to achieve a more readable rhythm. It is set at this default words-per-minute rate unless the deaf-blind user requests increased or decreased rates of text in increments of 5 words per minute.


  1. The other party's conversation to a deaf-blind caller goes through a relay operator.

  2. The relay operator types the other party's conversation to the deafblind caller.

  3. The deafblind caller "reads" the conversation through a TeleBraille device.